Business Credit Services

Secure, Protect, and Expand Your Business Opportunities

Secure Superior Lending Options

Lower Interest Rates

Encourage Outside Investment

$250k Business Credit Builder

Prepare to take the next step with our comprehensive audit of your Business’ Credit profile and the personalized gameplan to move forward.


  • Gain invaluable insight into your business
  • Identify Blind Spots & Missed Opportunities
  • Address Credit Concerns Efficiently
  • Secure Capital  And Credit Lines For Your Company’s Financial Future

Business Capital Builder

Make the lenders want to lend to YOU at top dollar with our easy to follow Business Capital Builder program


  • Eliminate Bad Loans and Dead Money
  • Prepare your business for future loans 
  • Reduce Interest Rates
  • Gain access to thousands of dollars in capital

Shelton Set Me UP For A Superior Mortgage

“Thanks to working through Shelton’s “6 Steps To A 700 Credit Score” program, I brought my credit score up 50 points in 6 Months! Best $49 I ever spent.”

– Kevin, 42
Delray Beach, FL 

The Best Pre-Marriage Credit Support

“I’m glad my husband and I consulted Shelton before our big day. My husband had some credit issues that were easier to fix than I thought! With the right knowledge and support anyone can fix their credit.”

– Lisa, 29
Kansas City, MO

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